Zastava - when the going gets tough


Zastava is the type of rifle you take over spine-jarring, stony bush tracks. It is solid, accurate and reliable ... perfect for Africa, although it comes all the way from Eastern Europe, writes Louis Steyn 

There are some rifles that we enjoy by merely looking at them, admiring and caressing the tight curl walnut and perfect blueing before putting them safely and unblemished back into the safe. Then there are rifles such as the Zastava that we take out into the dust and thorns, over the spine-jarring, stony bush tracks that punish the steel and wood of our hunting weapons.

Such rifles bear the scars of honest use and the dull silver patina of sweaty palms. Of such are the Zastava breed made.

They are right at home in harsh Africa with their hallmark of solidity, accuracy and reliability. Equipped with the controlled feed of the 98 style action, they offer stoppage free dependability and the assurance of uninterrupted follow-up shots on a bounding kudu or, more seriously, a wounded and angry leopard.

In view of their reasonable price, Zastava rifles are not only excellent value for money, also they allow the prospective hunter the option of spending more of his total budget on a good quality, clear optic, shock-resistant scope.

Acquiring a solid, reliable and accurate Zastava and having tough, top-class optics professionally mounted on it with quality bases is a fine recipe for success in the hunting field. For more information on Zastava rifles contact the importer at www. or phone 017 819 3415. S 

Good to know 

·         Zastava produces rifles in a wide variety of calibres, including many of those
popular in South Africa such as the .22-250, .270, .25-06, .308, 30-06 and 9.3x62
(all with a magazine capacity of 5 except for the 9.3 which holds 4 rounds). The
7 mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, .375 H&H and .458 Win Mag are available in
magnum calibres (all with a magazine capacity of 3 rounds).

·         Zastava rifles have a Rotating Bolt Mauser Locking System.

·         Barrels are made of cold-forged Vanadium steel.

·         Lengths vary from 20 to 24 inches (51 to 60 cm) depending on the calibre.

·         The weight of the standard model, with walnut stock and open sights, is
approximately 3,6 kg.



Hunter Jagter

March 2013

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